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Number 3  Volume 7  

Articles @ Virology

Xiaohuan Zhang, Leitai Shi




Herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) belongs to the herpesvirus alpha herpesvirus family, which mainly causes genital infection. HSV-2 infection can also increase the risk of HIV infection. The use of condoms and antiviral treatment can reduce the infection rate of HSV-2, but can not fundamentally prevent the spread of the virus. Vaccination is an effective method, but no safe and reliable HSV-2 vaccine has been successfully marketed. This article will review the research status and progress of all kinds of HSV-2 vaccines.



Herpes simplex virus type 2; infection; Vaccine

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21092/jav.v7i3.102


Xiaoguang Wang, Ling Ye, Bifeng Ye, Fuming Liu, Yongliang Lei




Infection of rabies virus (RV) was inspected in 23 captured wild Chinese Ferret-badgers by direct fluorescence immunoassay. One of the Ferret-badger was identified to be RV antigen positive. Existence of the RV was confirmed by the RT-PCR. The P and M genes of the RV from the badger (CZJF01) was amplified and the genetic variability on functional positions were studied on molecular level. The homology comparison and evolution analysis of the P and M genes among the rabies virus isolated from Chinese Ferret-Badger, human, dog, vaccine strains were performed. As the results, the CZJF01 strain shared with the RV from other sources in nucleotide sequences a homology of 80.6~ 98.7 and 84.2~97.2 for the P and M gene, respectively, and a homology of 86.2~ 96.6 and 89.2~ 96.6 in the relevant amino acid sequences, respectively. Phylogenic analysis of the P and M gene nucleotide sequence revealed that the CZJF01 strain was closely related with the genotype 1 RV strains. The CZJF01 has the closest evolution relation with a vaccine strain, HEP-Flury. The functional area of P and M gene is highly conserved among all the genotype 1 RV strains. There were no variations on functional positions of P and M proteins that affect its biological functions. The vaccine developed from HEP-Flury may have better protective effect in Zhejiang, China.



Chinese Ferret-badger, Rabies virus; P gene; M gene; Phylogenic tree


Full Text:  PDF

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21092/jav.v7i3.103


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