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Number 3  Volume 8  

Minireviews @ Virology

Xing Peng, Meilan Li




Natural products, with novel structures and broad biological activities, are the main sources of drug lead compounds. Over years, natural products have made outstanding contributions to the fight against viruses. Herein, the article briefly shares some thoughts about natural medicinal chemistry as references for chemists and biologists.



Natural products; Anti-viral leads; Pharmaceutical chemistry; Antibiotic


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21092/jav.v8i3.111


Articles @ Virology

Zhen Zhou, Xiaodong Sun, Rao Yan, Jinfeng An, Xinjian Zhou, Mingyi Li, Xinsheng Gu, Xincai Hao, Ming Sang



Objective: Activation of pancreatic stellate cells (PSCs) is detrimental to pancreas function by promoting pancreatic fibrosis. Resveratrol is a natural and pharmacologically active compound. This study is to investigate the effect of resveratrol on the bilogical behavior of PSCs under high glucose condition.

Methods: Isolated primary mouse PSCs were cultured in low glucose ( 5.5 mmol/L glucose, LG group ) medium, high glucose ( 25 mmol/L glucose, HG group ) medium and treated with  resveratrol ( 25 μmol/L or 50 μmol/L). Cell proliferation was examined using MTT assay. The expression of α-SMA and collagen I were determined using Western blotting. Alpha-SMA expression was also determined using immunocytochemistry staining. IL-1, IL-6, and TNF-α mRNA levels and secretion levels in media of PSCs were determined using qRT-PCR and ELISA respectively.

Results: Cell Proliferation,  α-SMA and collagen I  expression levels, IL-1, IL-6, and TNF-α mRNA levels and secretion levels of PSCs were increased after high glucose treatment, compared with low glucose treatment. They were significantly decreased in PSCs treated with both high glucose and resveratrol, compared with high glucose treatment.

Conclusion: Resveratrol inhibited high glucose induced PSCs proliferation, activationcytokine expression and secretion in PSCs. Therefore, resveratrol can be potentially used in therapy of diseases such as type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer where PSCs is activated by high glucose.



Type 2 diabetes mellituspancreatic stellate cellsresveratrolislet fibrosis


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Ling Wang, Jingjing Liu, Yan Kong, Yuhua Li



To summarize the lot release of live attenuated yellow fever vaccine in China during 2011-2018 and evaluate the total quality as well as problem in quality control of the vaccine. By reviewing the data and laboratory test34 batches of live attenuated yellow fever vaccine were determined for virus titer according to the standard for license, of which 52 batches were determined for ovalbumin residue by ELISA, and 14 batches for moisture. The determination results were subjected to statistical and quality trend analyses, and compared with those by the manufacturersbased on which the general status of vaccine quality was reviewed. All the determination results of virus titer, ovalbumin residue and moisture met the requirements in Chinese Pharmacopoeia, and there is no difference in those by the manufacturers and those by the National Institutes for Food and Drug Control . The quality of live attenuated yellow fever vaccine was stable, which met the requirements in Chinese Pharmacopoeia. The implementation of lot release, batch inspection and trend analysis may effectively regulate and supervise the vaccine production



Live attenuated yellow fever vaccine; Quality control; Trend analysis


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