Establishment of Rabies Virus Abdominal Challenge Model with Golden Hamster

Yunpeng Wang, Shouchun Cao, Chongfa Tang, Leitai Shi, Jia Li


Objective: To establish a stable and reliable model of rabies virus infection by golden hamsters, which can be used to evaluate the protective effects of vaccine prevention, immunoglobulin and antiviral drugs after viral infection. Methods: Golden hamsters were injected intraperitoneally with different concentrations of rabies CVS strain virus to record animal death. Explore the best amount of virus attack and establish a model of the abdominal attack hamster. On this basis, the protective effects of CpG adjuvant rabies vaccine and anti-rabies immunoglobulin on rabies virus challenge were evaluated. Results: When the amount of virus attack remained above 4.1 lgLD50/0.5ml, the mortality of the golden hamster in the control group was 100% within 14 days. Injection of adjuvant vaccine and immunoglobulin after viral infection can significantly reduce the mortality of golden hamsters. Conclusion: The golden hamster abdominal attack rabies virus model was successfully established, and it has simple operation and stable results, which will contribute to the development and screening of antiviral drugs and new adjuvant vaccines.


Rabies virus; Virus Challenge; Abdominal Attack Model; Golden hamster

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