A collaborative study to establish the 6th national standard for anti-Rabies Immunogloblin in China

Leitai Shi, Shouchun Cao, Xiaohong Wu, Jia Li, Yunpeng Wang, Yongxin Yu, Yuhua Li


The 6th National Standard for anti-Rabies Immunoglobulin in China was calibrated by means of two assay methods, the mouse neutralization test(MNT)-a rabies virus neutralization test in mice and the rapid fluorescent focus inhibition test-a neutralization test in cell culture.The calibration was made as an national collaborative assay comprising ten laboratories in China.The results obtained in this study illustrate the differences between  the two methods,could not be generally confirmed. Based on the calibration results obtained against the 2nd International Standard for anti-Rabies Immunoglobulin ,the 6th National Standard for Anti-rabies  immunoglobulin with a defined unitage of 37.0 International Units of rabies antiboides  in each ampoule.


Collaborative study,Nnational standard,Anti-Rabies Immunoglobulin

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