Comparative study of different detection method on the virus titers

Yunpeng Wang


The counting of the virions plays a significant role in the study of virology. The detection methods of the virus titers can be mainly divided into two kinds: that based on the experimental animals and that on the cell culture technique. The former can be applied to those viruses that possess the experimental animal model, and the latter, according to the pathological advances of the cells, can be further divided into direct observation of the pathological advances and the plaque detection. When it comes to those viruses, that either have no CPE symptom after having infected the cells, or have a complicated operation of the plaque detection, we can apply the direct immunoflorescence or indirect immunoflorescence to conduct detection. Real-time PCR performs an increasingly significant role in virus detection. As a foundation for the study of virology, the counting of the virions and its research progress are worthy of further attention.


Virus titers, Detection Method, Comparative study

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