Complete genome sequences of two rabies virus isolates indicate Chinese ferret badger as a new natural inherent host

Xiaoguang Wang, Shuzheng Chen, Yongliang Lei, Keda Chen, Yanjun Zhang, Qing Tang


The genome sequences of four rabies virus strains isolated from Chinese Ferret Badger and dogs in Zhejiang Province, China were determined. The overall organization and length of the genome was similar to each other among those rabies virus isolates. Comparative sequence analysis shows 99.5% identity at nucleotide level and fewer changes of deduced amino acids sequence between the rabies virus isolates from Chinese Ferret Badger and the dog. The results of multisequence identity analysis and phylogenetic analysis demonstrated that Chinese Ferret Badger Rabies virus isolate in Zhejiang province belongs to species 1 with unique Chinese regional characteristics, which suggests that Chinese Ferret Badger as a new natural inherent host to rabies virus wild strain in Zhejiang province, China.


Rabies Virus,Chinese Ferret Badger,Genome,characterization

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